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Red Bull Championship MotoGP Rookies Cup is a well-known motorcycle junior competition that replaced MotoGP Academy in 2006. The championship has international status and annually gives the opportunity to 24 participants from all over the world to show their talent and “get a happy ticket” to the big world of MotoGP motorcycle racing. In other words, this championship is a forge of young talents and a chance for every young pilot to start his career. Participation in the championship is FREE.

In 2016, the championship celebrated its 10th anniversary – a significant date that coincided with the entry of the Austrian Red Bull Ring into the MotoGP royal racing calendar. In honor of this event, the organizers of the Austrian Grand Prix held a large-scale celebration.

Championship Stages

The stages of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup are held in conjunction with the stages of MotoGP on European tracks, which gives juniors the opportunity to familiarize themselves and thoroughly study the racing tracks of the world motorsport. The stages of the junior championship are held in the afternoon, after the completion of the races of the classes Moto3, Moto2, and MotoGP, respectively.

In total, the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup calendar has 13 stages, 6 of which are held in pairs (1 race on Saturday and 1 race on Sunday – as in Superbike). And only the stage in Italian Misano takes place only on Saturday – due to the traditional mass invasion of fans on the race track after the Sunday MotoGP Grand Prix race.

Motorcycles and equipment

The championship takes place on identical 250 cc 4-stroke KTM motorcycles (the net weight of each unit is just over 80 kg). Each participant in the junior competition is provided with one motorcycle, as well as a full set of equipment from the company Alpinestars: overalls, gloves, “turtle”, motorboats, thermal underwear. During the racing season, Alpinestars maintains junior motorbike equipment in perfect condition, and also deals with the transportation of overalls.

Until 2015, junior pilots could independently choose a helmet manufacturing company to participate in the championship, as well as independently deal with the issue of helmet painting. In 2016, the championship management signed a contract with the helmet manufacturer Shuberth, which provides all participants with 3 helmets for the season, including dealing with issues of their painting.

Each pilot of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup has the opportunity to independently develop a helmet design, which must be sent to the championship management for approval 4 months before the start of the season. If the pilot does not have the opportunity to present his design, Shuberth can assist the pilot by proposing his own options.

All junior pilots are given the opportunity to use for their private sponsors two places on overalls (right forearm, see the picture below ), as well as free spaces on the helmet. Private sponsors must be approved with the management of the championship.

In addition to racing equipment, each pilot (as well as his assistant) is given official clothing for everyday use in the MotoGP paddock: t-shirts, shirts, shorts/jeans, jackets, caps – all with the championship logos and official sponsors. The regulation on the use of this clothing is described further in the text in the sub-paragraph THINNESS.


During a race weekend from Thursday to Sunday, pilots and their assistants eat at the Red Bull Hospital ( note: the hospital is the place where the team rests and eats, pilots, their assistants, as well as Red Bull guests during the Grand Prix ). In other words, the pilot and his assistant are provided with all the conditions for a comfortable stay in the paddock. The costs that await the pilot who enters the Red Bull Rookies Cup and his assistant are expenses for hotel accommodation, car rental, as well as for flights to countries hosting the championship stages.

All participants in the championship are required to comply with the rules and regulations of the competition. During your stay in the paddock (Thursday to Sunday), the condition for using Red Bull Rookies Cup branded clothing is mandatory. During press conferences, photos, and videos, the pilot must wear a cap with the Red Bull logo. Delays of pilots and their assistants to briefings and training sessions are excluded. In case of delays, the rider (his assistant, respectively) may be penalized.

It is forbidden to deliberately break/spoil motor vehicles, equipment, helmets, aggressive behavior aimed at other participants of the championship, as well as its staff or management.

Each pilot and his assistant are given personal passes for the MotoGP Grand Prix for the entire season, during which the Red Bull Rookies Cup is held. Passing insignificant passes to strangers is prohibited. For guests, you can use invitation passes: each pilot has the right to use one guest invitation to any stage of the Red Bull Rookies Cup for his friends and relatives (and 3 invitations to the home stage). The coordinators should be notified in advance about the desire to obtain additional passes.


All information, recommendations, and tips for qualifying for the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup championship can be found here (the link will be available soon ). 

Red Bull Champions MotoGP Rookies Cup

The first champion of the Red Bull Rookies Cup and one of its most striking participants is Joan Zarko (2007), who won the Moto2 champion title in 2015. Further, no less memorable winner of the Junior Bull Cup is Yakub Kornfeyl (2009), who successfully performs in the Moto3 class, exactly like Jorge Martin (2014) and Dutchman Bo Bendsneider (2015). More than once, Makar Yurchenko set the best lap time during the 2106 season and was pulled out as the leader of the championship stages, nevertheless, he had to give up his place in the top five finalists of the season due to the injury, taking himself the 8th place.

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