In fact, there are not so many serial electric cycles around the world. KTM mastered only the second model, but we can talk about mass production only in a year. Harley Davidson will also drive skis towards electricity, but cannot agree with suppliers of electrical components. Nevertheless, we have chosen the most interesting and technologically advanced electric bikes. With mileage from outlet to outlet more than 50 km.

Italian Volt, Monza’s Reunion

The Italian company Volt in the early summer of 2018 at the Monza’s Reunion exhibition presented a rather viable electric bike, which was named after this very exhibition. The feature of the motorcycle is not only in great design. This miracle rides thanks to a 70-kilowatt power plant on a 15 kW / h battery. The declared maximum speed is about 200 km / h, the inter grid range is 200 km. The small-scale production feature is that the frame, the rear fork and the semblance of the tank are printed on a 3D printer, so each client can order any design.

Emflux, the cheapest electric bike in the world

Hindus look at electric bikes not only from the point of view of design and the ability to hammer in show-ups. For example, the new Emflux project (also called the company that developed it) is the most practical and inexpensive. A sportbike with a power reserve of 200 km and a top speed of 200 km / h is estimated at only 10 thousand dollars. The 80-horsepower electric motor is powered by a 9.7 kW / h battery and accelerates to hundreds in 3 seconds. Very good for a young brand. The fast-charging system allows you to clog the battery up to 80% in 35 minutes. It is not known whether Emflux will be able to keep the price in mass production, but so far it is the most inexpensive electric motorcycle in the world.

Energica Eva EsseEsse9, civil sportbike

Already familiar to us from the sad news of Energica last year, introduced the luxurious electric bike Eva EsseEsse9. The design is magnificent, the motorcycle is made in the old-school style, despite the technological features (already clearly the future) in the design. A battery capacity of 11.7 kW / h drives an 80-kilowatt electric motor, which in the old manner uses a chain drive to transmit torque. The battery charges up to 85% in 30 minutes, the range without recharging is about 150 km, depending on the driving mode .. This is a serial motorcycle, but knowing the difficulties of the company, its fate is still unknown. However, with a declared price of € 23,000 for the basic package, the company’s debts will have to be repelled for a long time.

Zero Motorcycles, perhaps the best electric bikes

Zero Motorcycles introduced a whole line of electric bikes with great features and prices just below the stratosphere. That is, closer to the people. Models Zero Motorcycles S, SR, DS, DSR, FX and FXS have different battery capacities and different engines, but they have one thing in common – each motorcycle can be charged at a standard “charge” Charge Tank Level 2, which is full in the States (and more precisely, 14,000). Filling a battery with a capacity of 7.2 kW / h to 95% takes 60 minutes. The maximum mileage of any motorcycle is 200-360 km, depending on the battery capacity. The minimum price of a bike with a charging station is $ 11,300. The more powerful Zero SR and Zero DSR models are only 500 green more expensive.

Who knows, maybe electric bikes will take root not only in the States, but also on our continent, and perhaps we will be able to sort out with powerful technological devices on electric traction. In the meantime, we’re watching how the story ends with at least the Moto-e World Cup… Or at least with what it will start so far… 

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