Circuito de Osona – supermoto and pit bike training in Spain

For those who want to train on pit bikes or supermotards abroad, racing tracks in Spain will be real salvation – I will talk about some of them based on my experience. And I’ll start with the Circuito de Osona go-kart track, which is located in the town of Vic near Barcelona.

  • Name: Circuito de Osona
  • Length : 850 meters Width : 8-9 meters Direction of movement : Clockwise Number of turns : 13 (8 right and 5 left)
  • Opportunities: karting, motorcycles (pit bike, supermoto, minigp, minimoto)
  • Infrastructure: paddock, tribune, access to electricity, boxes (rental option), modest parts and equipment store, offices, a cozy cafe (open on weekends), track lighting in the dark Times of Day.
  • Availability of soil: yes.
  • Location : 100 km from Barcelona, ​​60 km from Girona.

How to save on the Oson track: if you plan to train here more than 3 times a month,  then you immediately need to buy the membership of the track. It will be much cheaper.


So, let’s go through the main characteristics, as well as the pros and cons of the Circuito de Osona track. Part of the track is very technical (from 3 to 11 turns), and the other part is high-speed turns (from 12 to 2 turns), with constant turns and changes – the rides are quite dynamic and do not bother quickly.

There are many minor kinks on the track, which are turns on the route diagram, but when driving they go along a straight line, or one arc with the previous kink, forming one continuous turn. The asphalt surface is old, there are tangible joints and irregularities, but it does not interfere with training. If you evaluate on a 10-point scale, you can give points to asphalt 5. You should pay attention to the joint of the canvas at the exit of the first turn, which forms a hole in the entire width of the track – with an aggressive exit from this turn, the back of the motorcycle sways. It should also be noted a slight difference in elevation: between 1 and 2 turns.

Watching karting during breaks, you can see that between the 10th and 11th turns the rental carts often fly out of the asphalt and come back to it, bringing a lot of sand and dust with them. Since daytime sessions alternate karting/motorbikes, the latter should always remember about the 11th turn, where it is very slippery due to sand.


When you first come to the Circuito de Osona, remember that in winter the temperatures in Vic are much lower than on other tracks in Catalonia. Vic is located high above sea level – in spring and autumn there is frequent humidity and fog on the track, in winter – an invigorating cold and you can’t do without heaters. I tried to ride without heating pads, and drove quite aggressively, but, for example, I was not able to heat the rubber to the desired temperature – it slides at the exit of almost every turn.

In general, the temperature factor does not interfere with training on the track from the beginning of spring until late autumn. Here, during winter nights, temperatures drop below zero, and in the morning the air warms up for a long time, however, the daytime air temperature in winter is about 10 degrees above zero. Be sure to take heating pads and an extension cord – without them, the training will not be complete.


On the Oson track, there is a special unpaved area for supermoto competitions. Therefore, your partners in training on the track can become participants in the Spanish championship in supermoto (such as, for example, the 7-time champion of Spain in supermoto Francesc Kucarrera, whom we met here).

Well-known pilots from the world of MotoGP and WorldSBK often train here, such as Paul and Aleish Espargaro, Chaz Davis, Leon Camier, Bradley Smith, Maverick Vinales, Alex Rince. The track is quite popular among motorcyclists and artists. Nevertheless, in the summer, this track also hosts annual auto races of the Oson Rally. On weekdays, the track closes for lunch: from 13 to 15. I will not say that it is convenient, or rather uncomfortable, because in winter it is the warmest time of the day – the asphalt is most warmed up.


The infrastructure of the Oson track is standard: a tribune, a cafe (only works on weekends), toilets and showers, electricity, offices, boxes, parking. The paddock is small, but there is enough room to accommodate everyone, even on the weekend, when everyone gathers for training.

In general, the impressions from training on the Oson track are not bad. It is quite pleased with the characteristics, capabilities of the route and location. It is great for rolling on pit bikes and supermotos, although it is not fast. I train here often, so I’ll be happy to train on a pit bike or supermoto for everyone! Write comments, private messages! In the next blog, I’ll talk more about MotoGP helmets – a sacred theme for any motorcycle racer!

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