How to choose your first motorcycle? Or how to buy a motorcycle without problems and for a long time

I already wrote about how to learn to ride a motorcycle. I hope this helped you and you are not slowing down your dream to drive cool. And if you are now on my site and reading about how to choose your first bike – be sure that your hands will very soon hold the wheel of YOUR bike, the first native – this is the logical consequence of our “motorcycle” lifestyle. If you already have a bike – write in the comments which one you bought, where, from whom and why – sharing my impressions on my Blog is allowed and even welcome!

Person Above All

You decided to buy your first motorcycle – sooner or later, but it should have happened! First of all, you should like a motorcycle as an individual. You understand what I mean – it must correspond to your idea of ​​freedom, of speed, and correspond to your temperament and character. Only then will you find a common language with him. Only then will he obey you and only then will he become an extension of your thoughts. All this esotericism should happen before your first meeting. Because there are such models that scowl at one of their appearance, chrome exhaust pipe, engine sound, rapid and strong-willed profile.

Unfortunately, the first visual impression can be deceiving and you definitely will not be able to live with this Satan on wheels. You will writhe and suffer, you will suffer, your back will hurt, but you may not find a common language. I have had such cases more than once when I wanted a more powerful bike, and dealing with it was not so simple. A couple of times stubbornly on a rake – and now I’m sharing advice with you. Just think about it before considering the technical specifications and type of motorcycle. Thought? Go ahead then!

We play cubes and horses

No one will argue that the nature of the bike is affected by power and cubic capacity, respectively. Up to 50 cubes are no longer advisable to consider the technique ( I once tested the new EXO Neutrino, which accelerated to just 45 km / h – it feels interesting because the “scooter” was new and non-standard, but the speed is really childish). Therefore, you choose the cubes yourself, and you need to listen to less advice from the outside and more from the inside. I’ll just give a few gradations of motorcycle engines, which will come in handy if there is not enough experience in your hands and if you haven’t decided on a particular model yet. But enough of the work of a psychologist – back to the more interesting topic of cubes.

Buy a liter motorcycle or 600?

At first, you should not even look in the direction of liter sports bikes, despite the fact that the bends and crosshairs for seconds to hundreds look very impressive. You can’t even imagine how such an apparatus is difficult to operate and what amazing potential it has. The best option at first is to look at a motorcycle from 125 to 250 cubes. Stylistically, it can be anything. We won’t play the ABC book, because you probably already know how to distinguish a chopper from a cafe racer and a cruiser from a sports tourer. But we will talk about this separately.

Motorcycle Kawasaki’s the Ninja ZX10R.

Motorcycles such as the Honda CBR, Kawasaki Ninja, Suzuki-GSX-R, Yamaha R1 or even Yamaha R6 are too tough for you. They are cool killer bikes, but too powerful to be your first bike. Just believe it – I already know (Yamaha R6, my dream motorcycle became my first 600th – and its power turned out to be too much for me). 

Nimble sportbikes – at first less, but then better!

In the MotoGP Championship of the Red Bull Rookies Cup and the global FIM Junior Moto3, for example, I compete on 250 cc bikes. They also “ride” and the world Moto3. These are great stories to grow and gain experience. Of course, championship bikes are non-standard, but the whole point is that in ordinary life it is light and nimble 125s and 250s that quickly learn how to correctly distribute braking force, correctly dose power and carefully maneuver. Due to the ease of construction, they are quite simple to manage. Even a tall and frankly off-road cross-country motorcycle with a small engine will allow you to master the basic skills of driving a bike not only in the steering wheel but also in the body. You will learn to control the center of gravity of a single organism called “you and a motorcycle”. Cross-country motorcycles and light enduro will open the way to such places in which you won’t even get on foot. But on the pavement, they are not at home, but away. Despite the fact that they can show rather high average speeds, you will not wait for comfort from long journeys.

Of the many motorcycles in this category, I would personally choose to buy the KTM Duke 125  (or it’s more athletic “brother” KTM RC 125). These bikes are more impudent and stylish than their “languid” competitors, in the form, for example, Yamaha YBR 125.

Classic road bikes

Classic road motorcycles with a cubic capacity of 250-400 cm 3  are perhaps the calmest and balanced bikes. They forgive minor mistakes, they will help to cope with difficulties, they are also not too heavy, but quite powerful and fast. Think about it, in the heat of the moment it’s so easy to squeeze the front brake handle or to go too far with a dosage of gas, and this can end not too fun. Motorcycles with an engine capacity of up to 600 cubic meters are friendly and not too picky, suffer some lack of experience and do not require an honed skill.

From the motorcycle category of up to 600 cubic meters, Valentino Rossi approves of the Yamaha R3, a low-powered sportbike that can be used both around the city and on the track to drive in your free time.

Almost every motorcycle manufacturer has other options for bikes with a similar cubic capacity.

Buy a pit bike or supermotard?

I have a special relationship with pit bikes and supermotards. In 2015, I prematurely became the Champion of Russia in Russia and the Champion of Russia in the Minimotard Cup. I like the fact that you can treat a pit bike as entertainment, or seriously. This is a small motorcycle on wheels from 12 to 17 inches and an engine from 50 to 250 cubes. As a rule, pit bikes are equipped with a semi-automatic gearbox, although this is not an axiom. The small size and average weight within 100 kg make them affordable to manage even for a student, so this option is perfect for training both for sports and for general development. And, of course, a pit bike can settle in your garage, like the first motorcycle. This does not mean that it will not be useful to you when you feel that you are ready to choose, say, a sports tourer. The pit bike will always keep you in shape, regardless of the time of year, which he does in the offseason between championships or in between racing stages.

Supermotard, in principle, didn’t leave close to them for the reason that they are structurally based on cross structures, and rubber can be both for off-road and for asphalt. When choosing a pit bike or supermotard, do not be afraid of the words “Made in China”. Even the most European Apollo or YCF pit bikes can be assembled from Chinese iron and this does not mean that you buy disposable trash. At the same time, keep in mind that pit bikes, as a rule, are not intended for driving on public roads, they do not need to be registered, this miracle may not have a technical passport, just in case you need to have paper that confirms the right of ownership, and all matters. But this does not mean that a motard or a pit bike is an inferior motorcycle. What a full-fledged one! It is compact, but the engines that apply to them are usually.

For the city, one of the most popular motard cars in Russia is the Suzuki DRZ 400. For him, you can always find the right spare part (well, or remove it from the neighbor’s DRZ-ki, until he sees) …

What else to look for when choosing a motorcycle?

When choosing a motorcycle of such a plan, pay attention primarily to the engine, suspension, and wheels. Bear in mind that spoked wheels are ideal for cross-country and light-alloy wheels for road racing on asphalt. The front fork should be upside down and ideally should have a module for adjusting the stiffness and rebound intensity. DNM, Racetech, WP, Fastage showed themselves well, but there are other equally high-quality forks and suspension parts.

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