How to learn to ride a motorcycle on your own?

Learning to ride a motorcycle is easier than you think! Many people ask, is it even necessary to start? Sounds strange, right? Riding a motorcycle is dangerous, cold, and sometimes wet, you don’t especially ride in winter, and you still have to pay tax. Not Africa, after all. To fall on a motorcycle, to fall on its side or to be unnoticed by a truck driver – just spit. And how much money! One decent outfit will cost the price, like a used Renault Logan. Maybe, well, this motorcycle, maybe it’s worth digging up and buying a normal crossover … If you really think so, you can not read further. Because those who once get into the saddle of a bike never get out of there again! Like me, since my father took me to a motocross school not far from home. And it started – competitions, championships, from the ground to the asphalt, but you can read more about this in my Blog  – now we are not talking about that.


If all of the above arguments have been smashed into smithereens about your stubborn desire to become a motorcyclist, or at least learn how to manage two-wheeled vehicles properly, read on and welcome to the “Ride It” club!

All motorcyclists (referring to those people who at least occasionally move on two wheels with an engine capacity of more than 50 cubes) are divided into two types – utilitarian users and people who simply cannot physically, although in principle, have urgent needs in it, as in a vehicle, no. So, regardless of what type you belong to, the ability to control a motorcycle is necessary. And the better you do it, the more you will love your bike.

And you need to love him if only the motorcycle gives a heady feeling of freedom of movement in space, only the motorcycle can shoot up to 180, well – up to a hundred in a couple of seconds, only a motorcycle will allow you to break this second and be a thousand kilometers in a day from home, only a motorcycle so attracts and beckons with its glands, pistons and clutch discs, only a motorcycle you will enthusiastically sort out with your own hands, not entrusting this matter even to your mother. You need to love him, then the bike will answer you with confidence and faithfully serve as much as it is written to his kind.


I didn’t especially want to smear this question on a clean slate since every normal person knows where the motorcycle has a gas handle, where is the hand brake, where is the clutch lever and what needs to be done with your feet. Suppose that you already know all this, even know where to pour gasoline and even oil, and sometimes, in push-pull bikes, mix both of them in a certain proportion. This is said in a driving school and this information is treated like news on a wired radio. And if you want to not only know, but also ride a motorcycle, and also “slide” like I do on my supermotard, for example, practice and be patient! You can do it!

Read books and manuals, of course, possible, but it is the better first contact with the bike to hold the touch.

The bike controls are also not particularly difficult, so even changing bikes like gloves, you will always feel at ease. Of course, each model has its own characteristics, but only a rare talent can confuse a kick start with a foot brake or gear lever and you certainly do not belong to them. Of course, you can read books and manuals, but it’s better to first touch your motorcycle. And then, which is not clear, ask a smart book. So faster you will remember the placement of all toggle switches and levers, as well as their purpose. Go?

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