How to turn a city motard into a racing one, or How to make your motard cooler and faster!

This time on Ride it! let’s talk about sore – about supermoto, about one of my favorite topics that you can develop endlessly. And after me and the guys from AvtoMotoAlliance became Champions of Russia 2015 in Supermoto – the current topic of my blog and there is nothing to be surprised at all. Let’s talk about how to turn a city motard into a racing one or, in other words, how to make your motard faster. I share my thoughts! Go!

A little cream

Choosing a motorcycle for racing, no one will torment themselves with doubts. It should be by far the best supermoto in the world (at least for you). I chose my racing motard according to this principle – and this principle works 100%. But races are races, and keeping fit between stages or in the offseason is simply necessary, and an inexpensive, but the functional technique is useful for this. And if you do not already have such equipment or already have it, but you want to make it cooler, you have come to the right place!

Buy a used motorcycle for training is simple and difficult at the same time. Let’s try to collect the “virtual” bike first so that it is easier to understand what you want from it. And there you look, and the finished motorcycle will be drawn in the ad, which you can buy in Moscow or in St. Petersburg – but wherever you can now be!

Where to start the choice?

I will not talk about a sportbike for training – most of us can hardly afford to maintain two full-fledged motorcycles. Although I am a ring in the Moto3 category, I do not have a sports bike in the garage, but there is another technique, including a supermoto. Without supermoto riders are nowhere, therefore, I am compiling a list of applicants for the transformation of the original into supermoto, and we will choose from equipment with a volume of 400-600 cubic meters. Thank God this used stuff is enough and the first thing that can catch my eye:

  • Honda XR 650L;
  • Yamaha XT 600;
  • Kawasaki KLX 650 (R or C);
  • KTM 620 EGS;
  • Suzuki DR 650.

Hmm, the technique is not new, but you can adapt it to training inexpensively and as conveniently as possible for yourself! Therefore, read on, do not twist your nose – I will prove that this technique is still wow! In addition, the availability of such a non-capricious technique is also a good plus for conducting technical experiments to gain experience that will come in handy when “communicating” with more expensive supermoto models in the future.

Of all the above city motorhomes, I would choose the Suzuki DR 650, since it is one of the most popular in Russia, it will be easier to find the right spare part for it and, in principle, I have never had any complaints about Suzuki motorcycles.

Wheels and hubs

If we are talking about supermoto, then it is definitely 17-inch wheels. The front wheel is three and a half inches wide and the rear is 4.5 inches wide. A rubber model for this size can be easily selected. It can be at least Pirelli Dragon, at least Michelin Pilot Flight. If you want the sharpness of the steering wheel in corners, you should look at a tire with a higher profile, at least 120 / 70-17. For training, it is advisable to use regular bushings, because you still have to pick up another rim and knitting needles (32 or 36). A set of knitting needles can cost from 40 to 60 dollars, and the wheel assembly is not less than a thousand, so it makes sense to sweat and assemble it yourself. If you decide to put good bushings, then it will cost at least 500-550 dollars per pair.

Brakes and caliper

We improved tire grip, now it would be nice to think about the brakes. With the rear brake, the easiest way is, and here, as a rule, it is quite simple to replace the hoses, remove the standard ones and put the reinforced ones in their place. You will have to play with the front disc because it is advisable to install a 320 mm floating. He is the most effective. Firstly, it will fit any caliper, and secondly, it will not deform when heated. And, of course, you have to put in a new caliper mount. Some motorcycles can cause problems, because for Honda, for example, you will not find an oversized disc, but if the donor has a regular disc of at least 290 mm, you can safely leave it by simply replacing the hoses with reinforced ones.

Pendant and frame

Even for training, the frame must be rigid, much tougher than the stock and cross. On Suzuki, the frames are strong enough, and Honda will have to reinforce. This is due to the fact that the adhesion of the coating and tires will be much better than on a cross bike and on an enduro, therefore, the load on the frame will be several times higher.

The suspension from a professional enduro, in principle, does not require alterations, since the adjustment range is quite large. You will be able to change the force of the spring preload as you like during training and decide on the settings pretty quickly. If the suspension is soft and not adjustable, you just have to force the spring (20 mm spacers will solve the issue).

What to do with a motorcycle engine for training?

Yes, anything! Here your wallet dictates the conditions, but it is mandatory to get rid of a heavy silencer in favor of a direct exhaust pipe. This will not give much power, but the motor will breathe more freely. Then play with the inlet. A zero resistance filter will be very useful, and replacing the jets with more productive ones will also not hurt. The list of changes in the engine deserves a separate discussion, and its length and number of points depend on the degree of insanity.

In a word, it is unlikely to buy a sportbike for training with similar characteristics, adapted only for a particular rider, you still have to put your hands and invest. In the supermoto, everything is much easier. Not for nothing that all pilots of MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 train between stages precisely on it (and royal-class pilots can afford any equipment, and more often than not they receive it as a gift from factories). Our situation is different, and while we are waiting for the development of motorsports in the country, we need to somehow get out. Therefore, take your city motarda or buy used budget options and boldly remake the equipment into a training one.

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