RIDE IT! Blog: 10 reasons a motorcyclist can be fined

Laws must be respected, especially those related to traffic safety. Somewhere subconsciously, every last scooter understands this, but no one can break the trick yet, you have already learned how to ride a motorcycle and city jungle-like 1, 2, 3 for you … Nevertheless, there are absolutely ridiculous situations in which everyone can get. Based on both experience and the letter of the law, we will try to avoid fines in one of these situations.

  1. Both feet pro

By the way, about the legs. Since May 2016, traffic police have fined motorcyclists not only for riding but also for improper posture when stopping at traffic lights. Specifically, according to the new requirements, according to the amendment, the motorcyclist is obliged to put all the legs that he has on the asphalt. That is at least two. Otherwise, the police have every right to fine a biker for 1,500 rubles. Well, if I’m seventy meters tall and I go to Transalpe, then how? This amendment is related to the fact that the cases “… of motorcycles falling onto cars adjacent to the stream, and motorcyclists lack the strength to keep the device in an upright position,” became more frequent. Therefore, either buy choppers or wear motolabutenes.

  1. Dangerous driving

The slippery term, agree. It is on the basis of the so-called dangerous driving (abrupt rearrangement, abrupt braking) that can now deprive people of their rights and hard fines, not only those who created an emergency, but also those who calmly move between the rows. There is a certain logic in this since slippery markings have repeatedly shown what it is capable of. Officially, the State traffic inspectorate does not keep such statistics and it is difficult to judge what such allegations are based on. The fines promise to be more than ferocious. The Ministry of Transport recently proposed not only to deprive the rights of motorcyclists seen while riding between rows but also to find them in the amount of the cost of the motorcycle. But in France, They say riding between the rows is officially legalized. There, probably, the markup is not so slippery.

  1. Have you forgotten your head? Insurance times!

The catchphrase of primary school teachers, which they are taught from the first day of admission to the pedagogical institute, can also affect motorcyclists. Insurance. Her absence or expired will, in any case, make you poorer by at least 500 rubles if she remains at home. If it is not at all (and you can check it in a minute), then the fine will be 800 rubles.

  1. Seasonal hunting. Insurance two!

Another reason to part with money is to forget about the validity of the insurance policy. Typically, motorcyclists buy it for the summer/fall. Insurance is bought for a year, but it only works for a few months. For example, May 31 turned out to be a warm day and you wanted to grab along the avenue, but the policy only works from the first of June. In this case, the inspector will be absolutely right, demanding from you 500 rubles. The money is small, but not enough pleasant.

  1. Insurance three! Two shells in one funnel …

… fall, and very often. In order not to go far, we forget the same insurance at home. You have been honorably fined, and you drove on, thinking that everything was behind. Pipes. The next inspector has every right to write to you exactly the same fine. Formally, he is right. He recorded a violation in a new place, at another time and you can wave a receipt as much as you like. You have to pay. Or somehow agree there …

  1. Ten for forwarding flow

Really. The State Duma is amending about the noise level that your motorcycle makes. The law does not provide figures that should be measured using special equipment, but do you seriously believe in its use? Most likely, Evdokia Ignatyevna with forty years of experience as the head of the kindergarten living in your quarter will be a noise detector. She will write a complaint against you. If the amendment is accepted, the fine for violating the noise norm will be 10 thousand rubles, but for now, they will find you for 500 – you can make noise at a cheap price. And according to GOST, you can make noise up to 100 dB inclusive without any fines.

  1. Overtake carefully

Because since July 2016, for violating the rules of overtaking, you can lose 5 thousand rubles. The Duma believes that increasing sanctions from 1.5 to 5 thousand rubles will reduce the number of accidents involving motorcyclists.

  1. Wipe and align the number

The number is unreadable. There is nothing to say here – for whom a simple alphabet can be unreadable. But even if your number is perfectly clean, but on your Z800 the tin with numbers is screwed under the saddle, you run into a fine of 500 rubles.

  1. Watch the helmet

Few people think of cutting through a city stream without a helmet at all, however, if there is a helmet, but it is unbuttoned, then it is as if not. The inspector has the full legal right to fine you for 1000 rubles if the helmet is not fastened on you or the passenger.

  1. A bit about European fines …

Did you wear gloves? Put it on, mom put it on. From personal experience, I’ll say that at least all French bikers remember their mother’s Tsu before leaving because they imposed a fine of 65 euros for driving without gloves in France. French police explain this by the fact that during accidents, motorcyclists get severe injuries to their arms and forearms. This applies not only to the motorcyclist but also to his passenger. Therefore, if you went on a trip to Europe and you have every Eurocent on the account, always go outside our country in full crew. In our country, such fines are still only a myth, but as a racer, I say that gloves while riding a motorcycle are an obligatory accessory. Do not even argue.

The entire selection of reasons for which a motorcyclist can be fined is quite imaginative but sensible. If you break, always remember what it can lead to. Of course, observing traffic rules implicitly, we will not become richer, but given these nuances, there is a chance at least not to lose a thousand or two and spend it on tuning a motorcycle or sending it to a piggy bank for a second. In a word, take care of yourself on the road!

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