Sokol Racetrack: The construction of the Kazakhstani race track in its final stages. Overview of the new track for MotoGP

A year ago, we already wrote an extensive article about the main characteristics of the Kazakhstan Sokol Autodrom, today we will unveil the curtain at what stage the construction is, what the track is all about and when the new race track will host the MotoGP World Championship. And not only MotoGP (but this championship is the priority for the racetrack management). You can’t move away from the screens: Makar Yurchenko, a motorcycle racer, speaks and shows.


The racing ring at Sokol Autodrom is being actively built and already a third of the track (5 turns) is covered with the first layer of asphalt – from the straight back to the last turn. The track looks impressive – it is very wide. Compared to the Brno Circuit, the Falcon track is narrower, but if you draw parallels with the racing ring in the Spanish Jerez or the Bugatti Circuit in Le Mans, then the Sokol Racetrack looks clearly wider.

The track combines both slow, almost “gag” turns, and fast. A bunch of fast cornering starts from the 1st left – a long-drawn-out one, then continues with the second right high-speed and ends again with the left high-speed turn, the third. The 9th turn after the straight back is also fast.

The reverse line is quite long – 1 km, while the exit to it from a slow turn. In the end, the straightness will be very high, in particular for MotoGP motorbikes, but I don’t think it’s a record one – nevertheless, Mugello is more authentic and access to it is faster.


The racing ring of the Falcon Autodrom is without a height difference, there is no particular terrain, however, some turns on the Sokol Racetrack are very interestingly shaped, which will allow pilots to take turns at a higher speed due to an additional bias. For example, the 5th turn – the entrance to it goes uphill, then the motorcycle enters the peak of the turn at the apex and then goes downhill.

The Sokol Racetrack track is in the steppe – it rains quite rarely, mostly sunny weather in season. Of the minuses, there can be frequent and strong gusts of wind, which you just need to get used to.

MotoGP vs Moto3

For pilots of the Moto3 class, the trajectories on the Falcon are wide with maintaining speed in the corner; MotoGP racers will follow the track along sharp paths with a larger stop and more aggressive acceleration.

The line is very long, thanks to which MotoGP pilots will be able to “have fun” and get fast acceleration, while Moto3 racers will fight in search of a slipstream, as here he plays an important role along the length of the whole straight (I recall, due to the slow turn in front of him).


Regarding infrastructure, the construction of the Falcon Autodrome is carried out in accordance with the FIM and FIA standards. A pit building has already been erected – on the ground floor, there are boxes, on the second floor there are administrative rooms, offices for the racing directorate, organizers, a media center, and press rooms for conferences. By the way, Sokol Racetrack will be the only track on the MotoGP calendar, where there will be 24 suites in the pitbuilding building itself – full-fledged hotel rooms for pilots and teams (a great alternative to motorhomes).

In addition, the Race Hotel with a total area of ​​3,400 sq.m., which has 44 rooms, with a restaurant, two swimming pools and a view of the highway, has already been commissioned at the Sokol Autodrom.

Work on the Falcon is ongoing. The building of the pit building has already been erected, it is now being “closed” in order to carry out interior decoration work in winter. The main tribune building, which is located opposite the pit building on the other side, is also erected – the interior decoration also remains.

In the paddock, buildings for race personnel, a medical center, etc.


Since 2014, the Sokol Autodrom has successfully operated a karting track with a length of 1640 m. It hosts the championships of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan in karting, including all national competitions in auto and motorsports including. The kartodrome has its own infrastructure independent of the main highway — its own boxes, a tribune, administrative and storage facilities.

There is also a long drag straight, equipped with the latest American telemetry, and a platform for drifting. Among other things, visitors to the Falcon Autodrom should look into the thematic museum of retro cars. He is assigned a separate building. Unfortunately, I did not have time to look into it, but I will definitely do it on my next visit.

I was pleasantly surprised by the presence of a camping zone (which is important for fans who come to cheer on the competition), a well-thought-out parking system for 35 thousand (!) Parking spaces, rental of buggies and ATVs for walking, minigolf and paintball club. Sokol race track can easily become a favorite place for an active family vacation, and after the ring is opened, I’m sure motorcyclists and motorists of a professional level will catch up here.


The location of the Falcon Autodrome is comfortable. The race track is 76 km from Almaty – about an hour’s drive (in time, as from Moscow to the MRW highway). The territory on which the Autodrom is located with already existing routes and infrastructure, to say that huge – to say nothing. The territory of the complex covers an area of ​​205 hectares, able to comfortably accommodate about 105 thousand people.


After the completion of the main racing ring, a motocross track will be added to the Sokol Autodrom map – it is also in the project, a rallycross track, an emergency driving range, where academies and driving schools will be based. There will be carried out test drives of cars and other equipment.

The main racing ring of the Falcon Autodrome is being built for MotoGP. Construction is directly controlled by the management of Dorny, the organizer of the World Championship Grand Prix Racing Championship.

After the completion of the construction of the route, it is planned to undergo the FIA ​​homologation procedure for the top championship Formula 1 ring racing at Sokol Racetrack.

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