The motorcycle of the new Moto-e championship

The paddock of our beloved MotoGP team smells like fresh rubber and citrus flavor. In the corner, there is an aquarium with scalars, under its ficus spikes. In complete silence, a pilot on a bike rolls into boxing silently looks at the mechanic. He inserts a connector with the inscription 220V into the neck of the gas tank. The buzzer buzzes disgustingly. A mechanic removes the cable from the tank, the pilot nods silently and just as silently leaves the box. The mechanic puts the cable and goes to feed the scalar. The mechanic is in no hurry, the mechanic realizes that there are 10 more laps left. Then the finish…

A little sarcasm and a little irony. Electric motorcycles are already making a statement. Sluggish and uncertain, but declare. Moreover. About a year ago, in the winter of 2017, the organizer of MotoGP, Dorna, together with the Motorsport Federation (FIM) planned a grand event for the next 2019. Neither more nor less, this is a new series of races Moto-e World Cup, an electric motorcycle cup. More precisely, an electric motorcycle, since all pilots should only speak on motorcycles of the same brand. This is the Energica Ego electric bike.

A year ago, everything looked more than rosy. Energica has upgraded a civilian electric bike, which has 136 forces (100 kW) and 196 Nm of torque in stock. The train has been tested since 2013, but it has not gone into a large series. The weight of the bike at the time of the announcement of the technical characteristics was about 260 kg, which, however, did not prevent it from developing a maximum speed of 250 km / h. True, not for long. In track mode, the battery lasts for 50 km.

The fate of this development is not yet clear. At the end of September 2018, Energica announced a loss of almost four million euros in the last four months alone.

The company’s management explains the loss by having to spend money on developing a track version of the Energica Ego, and this affected the financial condition of the company. From the moment the Moto-e World Cup project was announced and until the fall of 2018, the total loss of the company amounted to 6.9 million euros. Energica shares had to be removed from trading due to a collapse. The end of this electric story is not known, but Energica is not the only manufacturer of electric cycles. Yes, they have not all gone bankrupt yet and here is some clear evidence of this.

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