What is motorsport? A Brief History of Book Dust-Free Motorsport

Sometimes the most familiar things can seem so amazing, you are speechless. If you look at them from a different angle and in a different context. Today, we were surprised to find that we know almost nothing about ring motor racing. Almost nothing … Rossi does not count … The space technologies that are used today even in the harsh motocross, somehow suggest that MotoGP motorcycles live a completely different life. The gap between them and your juvenile is enormous, however, it should be so – they move progress closer to the horizon. No matter how interesting the future of ring motor racing is, their past is no less interesting. We will talk about the history of motorsport in this article.

Gottlieb Daimler as first champion

Do not argue, Daimler or an alien, or that time traveler. Because a normal person is simply incapable of so many inventions relating to motor vehicles. It was he who first invented the motorcycle and received a patent, which says that the mechanical wagon on two wheels, located one after the other, belongs to Gottlieb Daimler. It was in 1885, and the motorcycle itself was an ordinary bike on a wooden frame with a single-cylinder engine with a volume of 264 cubes and a capacity of only half horsepower by modern standards.

With almost one hundred percent certainty, we can say that the spirit of rivalry appeared along with the first Daimler motorcycle. If only because after a year more, as it were, the more cautious Karl Benz filed a patent for a three-wheeled vehicle with a gasoline engine. With a stretch, and it can be considered a motorcycle, and therefore, the trike was born just in 1886. The inventors did not even have time to listen to half of the accusations of noise and stench that their taratayks created, as in 1887 the first motorcycle in England was built in London. It was designed by Butler, and then mototechnics began to grow and spread like a virus around the world: Millet built the first French motorcycle, Bernardi’s two-wheeled carriage appeared in Italy in 1898, but they have not brought joy to the public or their creators yet. Some problems.

Actually, the first motorcycle competitions in history were a kind of arms race. No one knew the opponent by sight (even Benz and Daimler never met in life), rumors about the achievements of competitors were spread only through newspapers. In which it was written that in London they are allowed to ride motorcycles no faster than 12 km / h, and even then only if a person with a flag or a lantern at night runs in front. It was time to change something about the public’s attitude towards motorcycles. But at the stage of the formation of motorsport, the champion, of course, was Daimler. Because of the first one.

To whom advertising and testing, and to whom – racing

Actually, the first in the history of gasoline motorcycle races were conceived not as a competition as such, but as tests and were carried out all without the participation of motorists. At first, sports equipment was not divided into motorcycles and cars at all. Both those and others needed to be popularized, and the first truly significant event was the Paris-Rouen race of 127 km in duration. Both tricycles and two-wheeled vehicles took part in them. And, of course, cars. This was almost ten years after the invention of Daimler, in 1894. The initiator of the competition was the French company De Dion-Bouton, which already at that time produced motorcycles and tricycles in series and needed advertising. The fastest motorcycle in the first races showed a speed of 20.5 km / h. Since it was a real achievement for that time.

Only at the beginning of the twentieth century began to share auto and motorsports. The French ruled the ball because they were building motorcycles especially actively at that time. All motorcycle races started, as a rule, in Paris, and could end anywhere in Europe – in Berlin or Marseille, Oslo or Madrid, Vienna or Amsterdam. Nevertheless, it is believed that the first purely motorcycle road competitions took place in Vienna in 1899, and the Motorcycle Federation, or rather, its rudimentary form, was formed in Pakov on July 4, 1904. This is in the Czech Republic. There, several motorcycle clubs from different countries of Europe joined together to hold common events and to more popularize motorsports. The organization had an official status, this is not a joke, the first terms appeared, the first rules of the competition, however, it has not yet reached the classification by types of motorsport. 

It’s only by the middle of the century that it will stand out in a separate MotoGP branch, it’s only in the 1920s that motocross will form, and speedway, motoball, trial, stant, and supermoto will appear much later … And now for historical comparison, I advise you to read the article about what a modern motorcycle should be like. Well or simply – “Iron heroes of our time” .

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