What should be a popular motorcycle? Iron heroes of our time

Joseph Kobzon can give five concerts a week, but this does not mean that this is the most popular and sought-after … say, an artist. Eric Klepton calmly manages one concert a month, however, this is one of the most popular musicians on the planet. Why are we doing this? And the fact that compiling ratings, charts and tops is the work of the statistics of Rambler and Yandex. For example, according to the same electronic analysts, Harley Davidson was expected to become the most popular motorcycle in Russia in 2016. Really? Electric Glide? With a price of 15 thousand green for the 2006 model? Kobzon would be delighted if he knew about his existence …

Motorcycle for life 2016

We will not argue that Harley Davidson is extremely popular in Astrakhan or Astana, but there are no lines for it. And they buy in all countries of the former USSR, as a rule, the Chinese Racer Skyway RC250CS. In this case, the first violin is played by the price. In the first 6 months of 2016, these motorcycles sold a little more than a thousand units. It is followed by Stels, then Irbis, but sales of these brands are extremely unstable and highly dependent on local currencies. Therefore, we put aside the prices and offers of dealers and look at the motorcycle market without prejudice. In this case, we get an extremely simple and stable picture of the demand for motor vehicles for life, and not for show-offs (Finance Minister Siluanov, by the way, has Harley-Davidson FLSTC in the garage, the best choice for two million rubles). Here they are, modest iron heroes,

Yamaha WR250X

Optimum motorcycle for any conditions. It is built on the basis of racing enduro but adapted in stock for the city. Such a good example of a purchased motard. He will not allow his shoulders to be squared on even straight sections, it seems that under you is something that does not go and with an excessively soft suspension. But in the city bustle, everything falls into place. In this regard, he is the best. Adjustable energy-intensive suspension, tuned for tram rails, excellent powerful brakes, a rigid frame.

PROS: A great choice for those who are already not enough YBR125. A 30-horsepower 250-cc engine will not let you get bored on the street, on the track, or in the mud (after proper preparation), and finding a decent copy with low mileage is not a problem. 

Suzuki the DR-Z400SM

Maybe I’m wrong, but the motorcycle on which the fork from the RMZ250 cross-link and the 40-horsepower suction motor is mounted cannot be bad by default. Yes, it may be outdated compared to some Ducati, but look at the price tag and evaluate your capabilities. Little traction? Put a bigger star, and the running gear has so much energy and reliability that when you sell it, you can safely lie about the real mileage. But you won’t want to sell it.

PROS: DR-Z400SM will delight you not only with reliability, the availability of spare parts and the amount of adventure for your pride. It is very important that it is to this motorcycle that you can buy a bunch of accessories for serious, adult tuning. Thus, the DR-Z400SM can become both a motorcycle for every day and a real sports equipment. Here he has no equal: he is universal. 

Husqvarna SM 510R

Husqvarna SM 510R is the only reason to sell the DRZ 400. And if there was a question about buying the 510th, then you are ripe for the track. In turn, this means that you need to be prepared to calculate the resource of equipment not in kilometers but in hours. Bear in mind that this motorcycle has a saddle height of 910 mm, but you can reach the ground, the saddle is narrow, cross. This guy will give a lot of pleasure from the first gears because with a moment of 50 Nm and 58 forces there can be no other way. By the way, the Husqvarna SM 510R fits perfectly for life, because the 210-mm stroke of the front fork and the 290 mm stroke of the rear shock absorber is enough for any curb. Add 270 mm of clearance here and think about whether you can handle it. Husqvarna SM 510R can cost more than the Japanese in terms of iron and from the start, with the purchase.

MINUS: It is better to order spare parts for any Husqvarna in advance. You know that you have a piston on the way, so why not order? In this regard, a puncture.

PLUS: Otherwise, if there is a penny to service a good motorcycle, the Husqvarna SM 510R will never let you down and you can hardly live without a husky or KTM.

Kawasaki KLX250S

If you can not cope with the Husqvarna SM 510R, then the task is easier. KLX250 weighs only 130 with a small kg, and a 22-horsepower (21 Nm) four-stroke accelerating engine, energy-intensive cartridge suspension, and excellent handling can make you Jackie Chan on wheels. Well, the third generation KLX250S is equipped with a 20-speed rear suspension adjustment.

PROS: A fairly light 4-stroke, and most importantly, this joy is inexpensive, no more than 350 thousand rubles. 

BMW R 1200 GS

How did he get here? Very simple. Since January 2016, it was exchanged for money by more than a thousand people in the Russian Federation. This is indicative, although it costs a lot. An expensive and heavy motorcycle, perfectly controlled and stuffed with electronics, a real big enduro. It’s a very successful model since over 12 thousand of these motorcycles were sold in total over 12 years of production. The 105-horsepower 1175 cc engine has changed somewhat over time, as has the profile of this enduro.

PROS: He was accustomed to asphalt and build very good powerful motardards on its base, as well as long-range motorcycles that dominate European highways. 

Of course, there are more popular and better-selling motorcycles than the ones we reviewed, but these are somehow closer than Racer and Lifan…

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