What to take with you to a motorcycle training?

And then came the very day – the day of training on a motorcycle. And, oh gods, it doesn’t rain, it doesn’t snow, they did not promise the end of the world that day, and they even gave you a day off at work — everything seemed to work out perfectly. But in order not to fall into premature euphoria and not forget your head at home, going to training, memorize this list, and ideally print it and attach it to the most prominent place!

So, the most necessary things that you need to take with you to any motorcycle training are:

  1. Drinking fluid (water or your favorite “dope”).
  2. Fruits (ideally bananas – they are very nutritious).
  3. Do not forget to make sandwiches  ( paragraph 2 motorcycle racer will not be full).
  4. Money (where without them).
  5. Racing license (remember, without a license you can ride, but with a license, you can drive).
  6. Insurance (always have with you – this is your talisman).
  7. First-aid kit (what if your opponent needs help when he sees how you “made” him).
  8. Spare underpants, socks (so that everything is in Feng Shui, pleasant, high-quality and like abroad).
  9. Napkins and rags (although in an emergency you can use paragraph  8 ).
  10. A tent and a carpet for a motorcycle (moreover, remember: Rug under your feet, CARPET for a motorcycle).
  11. Stopwatch (in order to know how much faster you are than your rivals. But you haven’t bothered yet, have you?).
  12. Camcorder / GoPro (and they do not pay me for advertising, but the thing is cool, let it remain on the list).
  13. And now the sacred is the form: thermal underwear, back protection (chest), racing suit (and the whole is better without holes), moto boots, gloves (2 pairs), a helmet (and at least two visors – dark and transparent/translucent). Although everything is simpler here: if you train in Spain, then it is dark, and if in St. Petersburg, then translucent.

Fourteen. Do not forget about the main sponsor of any workout – scotch tape. Without it, the training will not take place! It will come in handy in paragraph 13 if the snake on the jumpsuit breaks out or a hole is rubbed.

Remember: any training requires concentration,  and the one who trains more often wins in the end!

  1. It would be nice to take what you will train on. Ideally a motorcycle. Better still, good.
  2. A set of tools (if you are not good at technology, then at least play with your friends)Spare parts and fluids: clutch and brake levers, antifreeze, gasoline, oil, brake fluid, chain lubrication, brake cleaner. Think about what might break in your motorcycle after a fall (well, or just during training) – take these spare parts in reserve (of course, if you feel the strength to skillfully use the material from paragraph 16 ).
  3. Belts (fasten the motorcycle during transportation).
  4. Funnel or jug ​​(pour gasoline).
  5. Warmers and extension cord.
  6. Gangway for a motorcycle.
  7. A support for the motorcycle (or rolled).
  8. Pressure gauge and pump (or compressor).
  9. If there is – a set of spare wheels. And depending on weather conditions – rain tires.
  10. In general, I advise everyone to take with them a mechanic and a trainer, and at the same time another, faster driver, so as not to worry about point 16, quickly manage point 3 and checkpoint 11.

PS. Do not forget your head! You need to put on your favorite helmet for something …

Someone else might think about taking their girlfriend with you – although paragraph 15 already was)…

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